A composer’s job is more often than not a solitary one (yes, I am looking for sympathy). However, once in a while, it’s good to escape from the hermetically sealed studio and get onto a set to feel and smell the action, to watch the unfolding movie from the director’s point of view and to meet and greet the cast and crew first hand.

So I swapped my studio cell for an old disused monastery in Wigan; vast, strangely peaceful and frankly scary as hell.

It was inspirational for me to be given the chance to be part of the filming process, working collaboratively is actually something I really love to do. It enables me to see the director’s vision through his or her eyes so I can appeal to their ears (and the audience’s senses) with a beautifully crafted product.

“An entertaining horror…oozing fairytale creepiness”
Obsessed With Film

“Horror for the ‘Skins’ generation”

“A journey (with them) to hell and back. Twists and turns…plenty of old fashioned horror”
Quiet Earth

“Tense, suspenseful….relentless”
Hoff Film Festival 

“If you want scares, blood and some actual story, you’ll be well served here”
Film Rant