In ten minutes, Danny Lacey’s film captures the torment suffered by a victim, played at just the right level of emotional turmoil by Raffaello Degruttola, of a kidnapping; he is evidently culpable, but the perpetrator, whose interest is personal, seen only on a TV monitor in close-up of his ghoulishly mobile mouth and voiced with obvious relish and admirable vocal dexterity by John Guilor, is determined to wring the maximum terrorising effect out of the situation. The ever-increasing level of anxiety within the film is most certainly enhanced by the disturbingly dark and subtly pulsating score by Richard Bodgers. The repetitive orchestral sequences gently evolve throughout the story, helping to create exactly the right atmosphere of a squalid environment devoid of hope, which has to be ignored by the victim if he is to come to terms with the consequences of his actions.

Directed by: Danny Lacey
Cinematography by: Philip Bloom