I first began to really appreciate music when I was 9 and since studying for a degree in Performance and Contemporary Composition at the Royal Northern College of Music and Huddersfield University, it’s been my entire life.

I have a strong formal background and understand every aspect of musical theory and orchestration, but that’s not the whole story.

I’m from Manchester in the North West of England, arguably the cradle of indie, rock and pop music. As well as having a solid background in classical music I have a deep love of rock, indie, pop, jazz and hip hop. I’ve been a band leader, a singer-songwriter and a session musician and whether I’m composing on my own at the piano, or conducting an orchestra I use every drop of that experience and musical knowledge to put a smile on my clients face.

I’ve scored numerous feature films and have lost count of the amount of TV, cinema and radio ads, corporate films and documentaries. Some of my ad themes have even made the charts.

Every job is important to me and I approach each commission with the same vigour and care, attention to detail and an open mind. A piece of music can take the viewer anywhere, taking them to the right place to me is the single most important and enjoyable part of my job. After twenty years in the business I’m well known in the advertising industry for being a creative and reliable composer who has helped many agencies, production companies and directors to win awards.

I love working collaboratively, igniting each other’s creativity and swapping ideas, making the best music possible to help shape the finished film.



You’ll recognise many of the brands I’ve worked with – these are just a few of those my music has helped reflect and raise the profile of:

Bentley, Jaguar, Toyota, Mercedes, Sony, Aldi, Asda, MBNA, Remington, Brother, Mira, Hoover, Johnnie Walker, SOL, Sofology, DFS, Harveys, Sharps Bedrooms, Magnet Kitchens, Silent Night, Matalan, Fashion World, Lloyds Pharmacy, Interflora, MacDonalds, Chicago Town Pizza, Butterkist, Aero Bubbles, Scholl, Durex, Lemsip, Imperial Leather, Resolva, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle, Centre Parcs, TUI Tavel, The Co-op.) Manchester United Football Club and Manchester City Football Club.

And here are some of my film scores:

Being Sold, The Butterfly Tattoo, Splintered, The Last Showing, Book 1, Baptism, Four Warriors, The Flying Lesson, Out Of The Woods, Host, Snaps & Triple Exposure, Origins: A Star Wars Short (pre-production)